Patio Cleaning

If your patio is covered in algae, moss or weeds and is in dire need of a 'makeover', we can help. Our high pressure cleaning equipment will clean your patio very effectively without causing damage to the surface of the paving or any of the pointing.

We will clean all types of patios such as block paving, crazy paving, pattern imprinted concrete or sandstone slabs, tarmac or decking. Only cold water is required to clean any of these surfaces without using any abrasive chemicals.

Our rotary cleaner operates at 230bar/3400psi which is more than sufficient to clean the most dirty of surfaces and is specifically designed not to damage pointing.

As approved installers of Smartseal paving sealants we can also help you stop future weed and algae growth.

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If you have a patio that needs cleaning please contact us on 07967 395331 or complete our online enquiry form.