Block Paving Sealing

There are many block paved driveways and patios in the north east of England that over time have become covered in weeds and moss. This can be very unsightly and very difficult to resolve if left too long. At North East Drive Clean we have a tremendous expertise in cleaning and sealing block paving.

Block paving has such a permeable surface that unless sealed correctly, will quickly attract all types of surface growth such as weeds, algae, moss and lichen. We have seen this in many towns in Durham and Tyneside such as Sunderland and Bishop Auckland.

There is a solution to this common problem and that is sealing the block paving with a resin based acrylic sealant. This will create a non-porous membrane on the surface of the paving to stop future surface growth. We also can apply water based block paving sealers to solidify the jointing sand and help prevent weed growth between the blocks.

Why seal the surface of block paving?

  • Stops the growth of Moss, Lichen and Algae
  • Cuts down on maintenance
  • Inhibits staining from oil and grease
  • Reduces movement
  • Brings out the natural colouring 
  • Adds 'kerb appeal' to your home  

See some before and after pictures of block paving cleaning and sealing by clicking here

If you live near Durham or Middlesbrough, please contact us to find out more about having your block paved driveway or patio sealed on 07967 395331 or complete an online enquiry form.